-Shadowfax- is a male from Norway. He was among the first players registered to Platform Racing 2. Years prior to the creation of PR2 he had been playing the original Platform Racing game. -Shadowfax- quickly became a decent player and level creator. Most famous is he for his level The Golden Compass, which actually existed long before Jiggmin announced that there would be a Top Hat. During the time Jiggmin livestreamed many levels to chose a guardian of the top hat, he played The Golden Compass as one of the first, which resulted in it being chosen. -Shadowfax- quit Platform Racing 2 years ago, but if you're lucky, you'll see him visiting the game on some occasions.As platform racing 2 dies off Jiggimin and a know player as h m l continue to progress to make pr3 assumed to come out in noveber of 2017