The Body Parts on PR2 consist from Head, Body and Feet.

Summary Edit

On PR2, the designs of players are consist from body parts. The body parts consist from Head, Body and Feet. You can change the color of the parts freely and have a cool combination of body parts! The players can change their body parts and their colors. You can also get Epic Upgrades for these parts which allows a secondary color change, which makes you look cooler.

List of Body Parts Edit

Starter Body Parts Edit

These are the Starter Parts that you get automatically when you make a new account. It goes as
  • Default Man
  • Lady Default
  • Sureman Default
  • Buggy Default
  • Hidden Kid Default
  • Chubby Default
  • Rollina Default
  • Snakey Default
  • Potted Default

Randomly Won Body Parts Edit

These are body parts that have a chance to randomly appear as a prize in a random level. You can get it from 1 to 4 Players.

Body Part Picture Notes:
Stick Parts None
Invisible Parts None
Gingerbread Parts In First 3 Water Campaign

Levels Temporarily

Sir Parts None
Taco Parts None
Basketball Head A non-campaign Part that

has no Full Body Part Set.

Armour Head This is a Part in the Set where

you can't get the whole set in only

the Campaign levels.

Trivia Edit

  • On PR1, players can change only the colors of body parts.
  • The 9 body part sets are prepared for starters.

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