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Candyland is one of The Original Campaign level created by Albatross. It starts along a long set of right arrows taking you to licorice cave.  After several turns through there, you get to the Waffle Mountains.  You must progress to the summit by jumping and then go down.  If you have a Laser or Teleport, you can avoid much of Gingerbread Manor and head down Gumdrop Falls.  You can also use it to break out of the manor to an area with areas with Nets for the ground and Mine Blocks on top that you must go over.  Without a laser gun, you must go down and around through the Gingerbread Manor to Gumdrop Falls.  Once down Gumdrop Falls, you must go over peppermints made up of Ice Blocks, each one block and a few blocks away from the next peppermint, before going over a small hill, which is where you will land if you go through the net-mine area described above and go down at the end.  Lastly, you must travel on top of Vanish Block sbefore reaching the finish. Winning 1st place in Candyland in a 4-player race gives you the Candy Head.

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