The icon of F@H.

F@H means Folding@Home. F@H is a program that uses your computer's processing power to fold proteins. Jiggmin has a team in F@H where you can get prizes by joining. By entering your own PR2 name and Jiggmin's team number (143016) into F@H, you can join his team and start folding.

Prizes Edit

1 Point: +1 rank token in PR2 

500 Points : +1 rank token in PR2 

1,000 Points: +1 rank token in PR2  

5,000 Points: Crown Hat in PR2 

100,000 Points: Cowboy Hat in PR2  

1,000,000 Points: +1 rank token in PR2  

10,000,000 Points: +1 rank token in PR2 

How to start folding Edit

There are many ways to fold nowadays. You don't even need to download F@H to fold if you don't want to do it.

F@H Software Edit

The most known way to fold is to download F@H from and start folding. This is also the most effective way.

Folding on Google Chrome Edit

It's also possible to fold with your web browser. To fold this way, just go to and start making progress.