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I have been an admin of this wiki, but I have been really lazy to administrate this site. Today, I happened to find Jiggmin Wiki. When I found the wiki, I found the site had more information than this wiki. In fact, this wiki has not only the information about PR2, but also about Jiggmin and his games, which are added by me, and they can be found here.

I have another thing to confess:I would like to quit the admin of this wiki, since I am lazy and that I have just realized I couldn't develop this wiki, all because of being lazy.

In addition to that, I have a suggestion to unify this, PR2 Wiki and that, Jiggmin Wiki.

I have a reason why we should do so:we have the information about both Jiggmin and PR2.

But... if I decide all by myself, I'll be do dictatorship, and I would like to listen to your opinions. So we have three things below to choose:

  1. Unify one wiki into the other one(The one to be unified will be abolished).
  2. Make a relationship between two(Link each other).
  3. Move the information about Jiggmin and his games from here into Jiggmin Wiki and the one which includes the details of PR2 from that wiki to this wiki.

If you agree or disagree my suggestion, or if you have other ideas, please write your opinions below.

Finally, this discussion is also held on Jiggmin Wiki.

--9K Talk-Log-Editcount 13:36, December 22, 2016 (UTC)

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