Guilds in PR2 are groups. There people try to get guild points (GP). Guild points are actually useless, but many people like to get them.

Creating a Guild Edit

When you're at least level 20, you can create a guild. To do that, go to "Options" and create a guild. Then choose guild's name, picture(optional) and prose. Don't worry, you can edit these things any time later.

Inviting people to guildEdit

To invite people without guild to your guild, click their name and click "invite". In general, it's good talk first before send the invitation to a stranger.

Other Options Edit

  • To kick persons from the guild, click their name and click "Kick from Guild".
  • To leave a guild, click "Options" and click "Leave Guild".
  • To send the members of the guild, click "PM Everyone".

Other trivia Edit

  • The crown will be appeared by the name of the leader of the guild.
  • Only the leader can invite people to guild.
  • The letters of the name of the guild is up to 20 letters.

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