On PR2, some levels are recommended players to send the authors of them Screenshot to be in HOF.

Step 1:How To Take a ScreenshotEdit

  • Its ways are different in your computer.


Print Screen Key

There's a key written Print Screen(Prt Scr) there.

  • First, press the key written "Print Screen (or Prt Scr)".
  • Then, open "Paint" and paste it.
  • Finally, Save it.

Mac OSEdit

Running Racer
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Step 2:How To Send the Screenshot Edit

  • Go to this site.[1]
  • Click "Browse images" and choose the screenshot you took.
  • When uploading is finished, the address is appeared.
  • Click it and check the screenshot you uploaded.
  • Copy the address and send the players on PM.

Step 3:Done! Edit

  • And you will be in HOF!

Notes Edit

  1. There are more sites that you can upload the screenshot, but this site is the most times used, so I made the link of it.

See Also Edit

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