Step0:Play PR2 as Guest Edit

Before you create an account of PR2, try to play it as Guest. After that you should deside create an account of PR2.

Step1:Create an Account Edit

HowTo:Create an Account of PR2

Step2:Play the tutorial level Edit

First, play the tutorial levels such as Newbieland 2, and Newby Train.

Step3:Enjoy as you like. Edit

You can enjoy PR2 as you like. For example...

  • Introduce yourselves by creating your first level.
  • Play some levels, get EXP and level up!
  • Trying to get hats is also good way to enjoy PR2.
  • Collecting Body Parts also might be fun.
  • Join the guild, earn some GP and enjoy the guild.
  • Joining JV might add PR2 more fun.
  • And more!
Running Racer
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