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Jiggmin Hat

Jigg Hat

The Jigg Hat is a hat that provides players with the ability to jump on other players. Jumping on other players was possible in Platform Racing 1 where there were no hats. The Jigg Hat can be obtained from the level Buto (EXACT) by ZePHiR.

When you play the level, go to the middle of the level where there is a pyramid-like area that is divided with a gap in the middle. You will need to wait there until the timer ticks down to 42 seconds. At that time, the Jigg Hat will fall down into view. Once you pick it up, complete the level and the Jigg Hat is yours.

Platform Racing 2 - How To Get The Jigg Hat

Platform Racing 2 - How To Get The Jigg Hat

How to get the Jigg Hat Video Tutorial.

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