Title of Mines.

For mines of item, see Mine (Item).
For mines of block, see Mine Block.

Mines is a game created by Jiggmin.

Summary Edit

Player got stuck in some kind of demented mine field. Player must stop exploring mines before they explode.

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Gameplay Edit

In this game, player uses mouse. By clicking mines, player can reset mines before they explode.

Items Edit


All items appeared on the game. From above, -1000 points, +1000 points, freeze, power shot, reset and a secret item.

By clicking items, player can get some items.

-1000 points
Player loses 1000 points.
+1000 points
Player gets 1000 points.
The time will be frozen.
power shot
Player can destroy one mine once. However, player can shot only once[1].
All mines are reset.
A secret item.

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Note Edit

  1. During player has power shot, if player get another items, player won't lose the shot.

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