You can listen to a music song during any race and if you don't want to hear any music you can turn it off during a level. You can choose from many different music songs and to change the song click the bottom tab and change it to and song you want or you can choose no song at all to have your music off.

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Secret songsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • On Credits, you can see the music that are used in PR2, and click the song and author, the link will be appeared.
  • During the racing, you can change the music.
  • If you didn't set on the Setting of the music on Level Editor, the song will be played randomly.

Notes Edit

  1. Short for Andrew-Parker. You can check on Credits.
  2. On Credits, its author is Pyroific, not Bounc3.
  3. On Credits, its author is DavidOrr, not MrMaestro.
  4. On Credits, its author is Billtog, not Sean Tucker.
  5. A song that has been added in 2013.
  6. The author of it isn't known, but it might be by Dynamedion. It's known from this video.
  7. Disable to choose on the Setting, or during the level.

See Also Edit

  • Level Editor-You can change the music that will be played on the level.

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