For some options/setting on Level Editor, see Setting.
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In PR2, there are some options that you can change.

  • Play Music-You can turn on/off the music.
  • Draw Backgrounds-The option you decide draw backgrounds or not. If you turn into off, all of the drawings will be disappeared.
  • Filter Swearing-If you turn on, the bad words will be changed to other words on chat.
  • Control-Change your control.
  • Change Password-Click to change password.
  • Change Email-Click to change email.
  • Create Guild(Only not be in any guild)-Create a guild.
  • Leave Guild(Only be in the guild)-Leave guild.
  • Edit Guild(Only be the leader of the guild)-Edit guild.

In Initial Edit

In initial, the options which you could change were different.

  • Music-On/Off
  • Backgrounds-On/Off

Change Password and Change Email was on the account thumb.