Platform Racing 2 Wiki(Be referred to as "PR2 Wiki") is a wiki that about Platform Racing 2(Be referred to as "PR2") and Jiggmin.

What is PR2? Edit


The main menu of PR2.

Platform Racing 2(PR2)is a two-dimensional online racing game created byJiggmin. It is the sequel to Platform Racing, the first game in the series.

Main article: Platform Racing 2

Goal of Wiki Edit

The Goal of PR2 Wiki is to create the articles about PR2. But, that's not all. There's other goals.

  • To add fun contents on PR2 Wiki.
  • To make PR2 Wiki more famous.
  • To make PR2 Wiki more bustling.
  • And more what I can't conceive.

How to Edit Edit

Main article: Help:Starting this wiki

See Also Edit

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