Portals are pages that are as similar as Main Page or Community Portal for certain areas. But that's not all. You can add some contents such as Featured Articles, Requested Articles such as Platform Racing 2 Wiki:Requested Articles, News about certain areas, etc. They're more freedom than Main Page. If you interested in certain areas, you should join the portals, or create yourself.

Portals that exist now Edit

Name Creator Date of Created
Platform Racing 2 Wiki:Community Portal User:Defaulttalk|log January 28, 2009
Portal:Items User:9Ktalk|log March 4, 2015
Portal:Hats User:9Ktalk|log March 15, 2015
Portal:Blocks User:9Ktalk|log March 22, 2015
Portal:Jiggmin's Games User:9Ktalk|log April 16, 2015

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