Welcome to the portal about Hats!

What's Hat?

Hats are known as one of the power up. There are 13 known hats.

By winning a random level, play on a day was decided, getting points was decided, etc, you can get them.

Today's Random Hat

Artifact is put in somewhere in random level. The level which has it will be changed once a week. By finishing the race with it, you can get 11,111 EXP once a level. However, by wearing it,
  • The Control of right and left will be reversed.
  • The time limits will be changed into 30 seconds.
  • You'll be faster.
  • The music will be changed into We are Loud.

You can't own it.

Hats that are exists

EXP Hat-Kong Hat-Santa Hat-Party Hat-Propeller Hat-Crown Hat-Cowboy Hat-Top Hat-Jump Start Hat-Moon Hat-Thief Hat-Jigg Hat-Artifact

Wanted Pages

  • Complete the Hats that are exist, please!

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List of Hats(Portal)
Kong Hat-EXP Cap-Propeller Hat-Santa Cap-Crown Hat-Cowboy Hat-Party Hat-Top Hat-Jump Start Hat-Moon Hat-Thief Hat-Jigg Hat-Artifact

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