Welcome to Portal:Items!

What's Items?

Items are also known as power up and they're used to help you in levels.

To get them, you have to bump Item Block or Infinite Item Block. To use them, you have to hit space bar or the key of "i".

Today's Random Item

Teleport is used to move yourself 4 blocks ahead of your current position. The item can be used as long as the 4th square in front of you is clear, regardless of what is between you and the 4th square.

List of Items(Portal)
The Nine Platform Racing 2 Itmes

Laser-Speed Burst-Jet Pack-Super Jump-Lightning-Sword-Teleport-Mine-Ice Wave
See Also:Item Block and Infinite Item Block

PR2 Wiki Portals
Community Portal-Items-Hats-Blocks-Jiggmin's Games

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