Cactus 2

This is when Super Flying Cowboy Mode is on.

Super Flying Cowboy Mode, or known as Cowboy Mode is a mode sometimes happens during the game. On this mode, all players wears Cowboy Hat temporarily and automatically.


  • The style of text has changed once.
  • When the mode is on, Fred will appear.
  • The percentages of this mode can be changed by Chance of Cowboy Mode. This was added on the upgrade of the game.
  • In PR3, there is also Super Flying Cowboy Mode. But the appearance of the hat is Cowboy Hat, however, the function is same as players' wearing hats.
    • If they are wearing nothing, the players' Cowboy Hat's function will be Cowboy Hat.
    • Even on PR3, there is also Chance of Cowboy Mode.

See AlsoEdit

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  • Fred-A character appears when Super Flying Cowboy Mode is on.