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The Golden Compass was the past 9th level of The Speed Campaign. On this level, player can earn Top Hat by beating the level.

Summary Edit

Map is really long and thin to up, down, left and right. The gravity on this level is set 0. Player must avoid lots of blocks such as nets. The lines shows that there are blocks.

Levels on this levelEdit

On this level, there are 9 levels.


The width is 5 blocks. It will be wider on level 3, 7 blocks.

  • Level 1-Only Up Blocks, 6 times and 1 lines per 1 time.
  • Level 2-Only Down Blocks, 5 times and 2 lines per 1 time but 3 lines on final time.
  • Level 3-Basic Block 4 and Nets, 10 times and 3 and 4 lines per 1 time.

Player bumps Rotate Right Block and teleports to south zone.


The width is 9 blocks.

  • Level 4-Lines will be apart.
  • Level 5-Player have to follow the lime lines. 7 times.
  • Level 6-Lines will be apart, and line lines. Basic Block 1 under Safety Net is changed into Basic Block 3.

Player bumps Rotate Right Block and teleports to west zone.


The width is 15 blocks.

Player bumps Rotate Right Block and teleports to north zone.


Player bumps Finish Block and beat the level. Player can win Top Hat.

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