Complex and interesting traps began to circulate only after the infamous release of Devious Shadows' {4P} Trapwork in 2009. This was a widespread hit, allowing players to save each other from traps via a Brick Block, a popular idea that made traps very entertaining, and spread through on how to make other trap levels in more interesting ways. "Devious Dragon" aka holyhell99, former Nova player, created 200 Traps, also a very influential level. A great number of levels have been created since, with a great deal of popular makers. Since the release of 200 traps, many accounts have been created with "Devious" in them have been created by players, often fans of Devious Shadows.


Traps constitute of a large number of level types in the game (other level types are, for example, Racing, Frustration, War, Glitch...) and are considered to be the most entertaining sector of Platform Racing 2. Many level makers are critically appraised for making the game much more fun with creations of brilliant and innovative trap levels. Devious Shadows, Fatal Dragon (originally Sam Da Penguin), ptk94, Rsfreak and several more are recognized as the best level makers.


we dont careEdit

"I will never give up" is a quote that pertains to a lot of levels. Determination is a skill highly valued in traps, as it pushes the player to become better and eventually defeat a level.

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