There are alot of glitches in zerostar. almost on every line there is at least one glitch. There is one major glitch that is really unfair. The location of the glitch is at the starting line. You bump the happy face and you go to the other side of the finish line and you just keep jumping to the other side. It takes alot of tries. Even I can't do it. Only high ranked players know how to do it. When the glitch works, the player will jump from the starting line to the second last line. The second glitch is where there is 6 mines and 6 of those green blocks.U explode one of the mines and then, you slowly go torwards the mine. Then right before your eyes, you fly to the second line. The third glitch is where there is 2 mines. One floating in the air and one on the ground. You go to the one that is floating and you go under it. Then you slowly come out. Then you do a super jump. But don't release it yet. You keep charging and then you press the right button and go to the end of the mine and hold it for 5 sec or so and then you will be flying to the second botton line. There are alot other random glitches that I don't know. So feel free to add more! Thx!